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The Bench
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Foto: R.Langan ("Still Happy")
Musik: R.Orbison ("Only the Lonely")
Lyrik: Eckart Fuchs
To a Special Pen-Pal
Years go by, an aggravation,
showing our limitation.
Have a look at nature's styling,
and include this woman's smiling!
There's no color life had painted,
with which she is not acquainted.
(Raised five children with success
over happiness and mess.)
Taking all without respect
if it hurt or did protect.

Someone calls, she will be there
in her small town magic flair.
Every day another task,
can all be in vain, I ask?
Lots of things look great and fine,
but, is there no borderline?
Goethe said, there is a sign
from all works of yours and mine,
that won't really decline,
whether it was bad or fine.
Einstein found, that this would rhyme,
everything in space and time,
that might happen here or there,
stays embedded anywhere.

Let's rest on a lovely place,
set a smiling on your face,
on the bench beneath the trees -
recreation without fees.
You will find a certain clue,
outside here the world is true.
Listen to the water waves,
look into your spirits' caves.
Certain distance can't be wrong -
insight by a lonely song.

© fu 09/2000
with special regards